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Neighbours find here & Bird Feeders

When we bring back native plants and encourage the proliferation of natural systems, at least on our little plot of land birds benefit. We benefit by getting to witness many common songbirds, and nature as a whole benefits. Lovely additional features worth mentioning other than the large seed or peanut tray. No need to remove the entire feeder – just slide out the feed tray and refill your feeder in seconds without having to reposition or remount. The frame of this glass window measures 10 inches by 36 inches. The frame of this glass window measures 10 inches by 27 inches.

window bird feeder canadian tire

Add beads to the string you use to hang it for more color and flair. After you finish your next wine bottle, turn it into a bird feeder. If you don’t want to mess with your collection of pretty bottles, you can easily buy an empty one that’ll do the trick. Make use of your leftover orange, lemon, or grapefruit rind by turning it into a mini bird feeder. It won’t last long, but if you eat a lot of citrus fruit, you can easily replace it. When you offer foods such as mealworms, fruit, jelly or seed, you never know who will show up for a meal.

It suction cups are attached to a window bracket so that you can easily clip and unclip the feeder for when you need to refill or clean it. The suction is strong enough and does not slide down even when the birds perch on the feeder. If you’re having a hard time making the suction cups stick to the window on your first try, simply apply a little vegetable oil and your problems are solved.

  • And the easy-to-clean and easy-to-fill feeding tray makes maintenance a breeze!
  • The duo is known for manufacturing the first-ever commercial bird feeder, which dates back to 1969.
  • The majority of the best bird feeders for hummingbirds are very reasonable in price, as are the majority of small window feeders.
  • A faux bird toy over will make it more attractive to birds!
  • With its through and through design, you will see the birds clearly and take nice photos of them.
  • Read on for our full guide to bird feeders, or check out our favorites and why they made it to the top.

I have had all types of birds including Cardinals without issues, I would say it’s a great feeder. My only adjustment after 2 years is to add another bigger roof for rain protection when the rain comes in sideways. Long, deep feeding tray design makes it easy to refill and clean, and has drainage holes to keep food fresh. The drawback is platform feeders are a magnet for squirrels, with no barriers or small openings, so you may have to refill them often.

Be Patient If You Hang It, They Will Come

Fill out your details below to get an exclusive 10% off discount code, and stay up to date with our latest news, products and offers. I have not find here had problems with the suckers, but I wish there was some way of preventing pigeons and squirrels from accessing the feed tray. It has now broken twice, having repaired it twice, I am now contemplating whether or not to purchase a replacement. I was given this feeder and last spring a Collar Dove nested in it so I was able to watch the squab hatching and then fledge. Then through the year Mother and baby returned to feed.

Ketchup Bottle Bird Feeder

Food – To determine the type of birds that are attracted to your feeder, you must know the appropriate seeds to provide. The kind of food you display determines the variety of wild birds that will be invited to your yard. The conventional seed used is the sunflower, as many birds love this. You can also consider the use of suet, as this often attracts wrens and woodpeckers.

Red Barrel Studio® Metal Bird Feeding Station, Heavy Duty Bird Feeders Poles Kit W

Our unique two-way opening system makes cleaning, maintenance and monitoring a snap. I have been using this feeder for a couple of years now and so many of the local birds use it. Just this morning had a group of blue tit fledglings with a parent.

Bird Feeder Window

They visit throughout the day and are fun to watch as one might enter while the other sits and watches through the plexiglass from outside. Feeding dried meal worms which they love here in Southeast Penna. I built a shelf off of a 4″x4″ post and screwed the base to the shelf….very sturdy. With a few planks of wood and an old bottle, you can make your birds a lovely bar that dispenses birdseed around the clock. You will need a bottle that has a screw cap and something to hang the feeder when you finish it. You will need something under the bottle to hold the food as well.

They are made from coated wiring which could be metal or plastic. More expensive than other options on this list, this premium bird feeder is definitely worth the price tag. This Kettle Moraine window-mounted feeder mainly attracts smaller birds but brings the birdwatching experience right at your window.

Nature Anywhere Window Bird Feeder

It’s not just a fancy and pricy thing but it’s very useful. Birds adore hanging out on the roof and the feeder is more protected from bad weather conditions. Sidewalls of the window bird feeder must be firm, because they are giving strength to the construction. We prefer wooden sidewalls, but Plexiglas material is also effective. Your covered birdhouse also features drainage holes that keep seed dry.

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